CareSine Retail POS

Smart Point of Sale Cash Register System

For complete management and quality.

Our software has been designed in collaboration with highly experienced professionals. It includes an operational part and an administrative part. All retail processes are managed in an automated and efficient manner.

CareSine Retail POS offers many possibilities:

Pour déterminer quelle version de Retail POS est la mieux adaptée à votre entreprise, nos spécialistes se feront le plaisir de vous conseiller individuellement.

CareSine Scale POS

The combination of an electronic scale with an All-In-One Touch PC.

our full cash register system with a large 15 “customer display and integrated printer is unique in the market and makes it much easier for the retailer who needs to continuously weigh products.

CareSine Retail POS Commerce Pack

This is our Special Pack designed by our specialists to best meet the needs of merchants who are, in addition to their cash system, smart, their businesses, the most efficient way. The Retail Commerce Pack is flexible and can be provided in the desired configuration. The basic proposition consists of the Retail Premium + Pack, the CareSine Management System, and remote access via VPN for the Manager.

Some possible compositions

  • Retail Starter Pack

  • Retail Premium Pack

  • Retail Premium Plus Pack

  • Retail Scale Pack

Your cash system, from simple to full option ... Our specialists create with you the puzzle!

The list of features and options is constantly changing, just ask our specialists the desired solutions according to your needs!

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