CareSine Cloud Backup

Protect your data


CareSineCloudBackup is an application that backups your database and important files seamlessly and uploads them on the cloud. It compresses the files and protects them with a password of your choice. The backup process can be scheduled to occur daily outside business hours. 
CareSineCloudBackup provides you with a web interface that enables you to download your backups any time you want.


  • Easy to use touch screen .
  • Protect your business data from loss.
  • Backup daily your database and files to the cloud.
  • Easily download backups from anywhere and anytime from a web-based interface.
  • Seamless backups, no intervention is required from your side.
  • Support for most DB types.
  • Protect you business from interruption.
  • Backup files are protected with your password, nobody else can open your files.

By selecting CareSine CloudBackup as your data protection partner your organization will benefit from CareSine backup’s demonstrated flexibility, reliability, security, knowledge and long term industry experience.

backup diagram
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